Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Instagram Marketing

The popularity of Instagram is rising among brands as a social marketing tool that is powerful. Nowadays, individuals enjoy visual stimulation, which makes this network that is just based on image sharing very efficient.

When you utilize social media to share images connected to your business, you form stronger relationships with your existing clients and fans and expand your reach to get new ones.

You are not just able to share images of your products as well as the individuals who put in hard work to sustain the running of your business, but you can motivate your clients to present their own images of your products that are being utilized.

Losing track of time is simple, when you log into your social media accounts. This particularly applies to Instagram, where it is easy for you to lose one hour just going through the huge range of pictures in your stream.

It is vital to spend time online for your business; however, if this time is not productive, it is simply wasted. When time is wasted, this restricts getting new sales. This is the reason you should have daily objectives for all your social network activity, such as when you log onto Instagram.

Prior to beginning your day, be aware of the quantity of time you desire to allocate to social media and every individual network. Adhere to that time limit in order for you to ensure you are acquiring the most vital tasks carried out within your time frame.

Whenever you log onto Instagram, ensure you take the following three steps to maintain a high rate of efficiency to develop your brand presence.

Increase the number of individuals you follow

Every day, allocate around 10-15 minutes to begin searching for Instagram users in the market you are targeting. You are able to do this by checking your competitors’ followers. Find individuals who greatly engage with the brands they follow, as it is likely they will engage with you also. Are they liking photos regularly and leaving comments?

As social media is just about give and take, ensure you are following an adequate number of other individuals and business as well as bloggers. Leave many likes and comments also.

Share your personal content

Take 10 minutes each day to include fresh unique content to your personal Instagram account. Individuals desire to see that you have available a great amount of fascinating content for them to study, if they decide to follow you.

If they check your stream and just see a couple of images and nothing new included in the previous month or so, they will not be motivated to follow. In case you lack any exclusive content to share, fix a time very day to just concentrate on taking images to share.

This can be pictures of your office, products, employees, etc. In case it is connected to your business and brand, take a fascinating shot of it and change it to your preference and share.

Be Interactive

It is not surprising that when you are in possession of a social media account, individuals expect you to be social. Avoid just signing up for an account and waiting for individuals to begin following you.

To succeed in your Instagram marketing, you should be actively engaging. Respond to comments left on your pictures, even if it is simply to say thank you. Pose queries and encourage a conversation with your followers.

Visit the streams of your followers and those of the individuals you are following and leave comments and like images. Indicating that you are going to be interactive with other users will be effective in creating your personal brand’s following.



Instagram shall exist for a lengthy period. To become highly effective, you need to be prepared to invest time on your account and use that time productively. We are growing Edinburgh digital agency and work with local business's around Edinburgh and the central belt.